Show Dog Photography is Our Pride and Joy.

Way back when, we began to focus on this goal and now we regularly work with Top Twenty dogs from around the nation.

      Having thirty years experience with show dogs and a scholarly attitude towards the history of dogs has helped to create a lasting legacy for our kind of picture. When you commission us, you can be sure that your dog's final images are destined to become Classics.

      During a shoot with us, we will create quintessential breed images, head studies, free stacked shots and character images both with and without the handler. We also will create beautiful images of your dog gaiting before our lens. We encourage outfit changes for the handler and we will also change our location or find new vistas with-in that location so the images, when presented within an ad campaign, will look as though they have been created throughout the year.

     We understand that quality breeding programs are the driving force behind good show dogs and we love working with true enthusiasts. Photographs of new puppies, up and coming stars and foundation blood-stock are important to any good dog breeder and we are happy to help illustrate your program. Remember, it is better to use no picture than a bad picture so if you aren't quite sure how to make your breeding program shine, call us. Our rates are affordable and we look forward to talking with you.

Most of the handlers
and owners that commission our work desire show stopping, breathtaking images of their Specials to use as advertising pieces for the entire length of an ad campaign. This is most easily obtained by working with one to two dogs per day as the more dogs we work with, the smaller the individual portfolio.
There's a lot of gear to be moved, lights to be checked and re-checked as conditions change, and of course the most meticulous attention to the dogs conformation. All this effort averages out to about one new "set" per hour. Usually, there will be 2 or 3 images in each set that are "different enough from each other" so you'll end up with a different, unique image to advertise with for every month for a year.

      For your convenience, the very best of all the images will be placed upon a private web gallery for you and your team to select from through out the campaign. Because we shoot only digital, there are no proofs, but we bring along a portable monitor and all involved can instantly see the look we're getting ~ While we shoot~, so theres no question wether or not we "got it" before moving on to the next look!


If you have The Dog of a Lifetime to present to the world, consider working with us for your next ad campaign. You will learn that we are pleasant, professional and easy to work with. All we ask from you is communication, patience and a little faith in your dog's ability to free stack without a show lead! A good sense of humor doesn't hurt either.
      We often say that if dog photographers were rock stars and were asked "who were your influences?", we would tip our hats to Rudolph Tauskey, William Brown, Sally Anne Thompson, and Joan Ludwig. We also would like to give credit to such creative minds as Sir Edwin Landseer, George Stubbs, Jack London, Jack Kerouac, Ayn Rand and Andy Warhol. It's true, it really does takes a village to raise a dog photographer.

E-mail us or call Kerrin at 440 289-2881 & lets "talk dogs".